Everything you need to know about an expansion valve

An expansion valve is a device used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems to regulate the flow of refrigerant. Its main function is to reduce the pressure of the refrigerant, which causes it to expand and evaporate, thus cooling the surrounding area.


The expansion valve is typically located on the evaporator side of the refrigeration system and is responsible for controlling the amount of refrigerant that enters the evaporator. It does this by restricting the flow of refrigerant through a small orifice, which causes a pressure drop in the system. This pressure drop causes the refrigerant to expand rapidly, which results in a cooling effect.


There are several types of expansion valves, including thermostatic expansion valves, electronic expansion valves, and manual expansion valves. Each type operates differently, but they all work to control the flow of refrigerant in the system and ensure efficient cooling.


Proper selection and installation of an expansion valve are crucial for the proper functioning of a refrigeration or air conditioning system. It is important to choose an expansion valve that is compatible with the refrigerant being used and to install it correctly to avoid any issues with the system's performance.

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